Equip your house with solar power technology that fits your needs and budget.
At KPS Solar, we'll work closely with you to design a system that exceeds your expectations.

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What You Get

  • Site assessments, Measurments and Solar SunEye Shading Analysis.
  • System Design
  • System Engineering
  • Town Permits

  • PSEG Net Metering Applications
  • Inspections town and Electrical
  • Installation and electrical
  • All necessary equipment

  • Warranties 10, 15 & 25 Years
  • Site assessments, Measurments and Solar SunEye Shading Analysis.
  • Simple understandable Quotations
  • Support

Detailed Surveys

Performing Thorough Roof Evaluations

Our team strives to use the proper measurement and analysis tools when assessing your roof. One of these instruments is the Sun Eye, which is a device that determines how many solar panels are needed and how much power they would produce.

So, your system produces enough power to meet your electric needs.

Reporting Accurate Results

We aim to stay true to the data obtained during our roof evaluation and use this information to make a detailed report on how your home will benefit from solar power technology.

Presenting an Honest Report

Our professional will talk you through the results of the evaluation. They will tell you honestly if your home location is perfect for solar technology or if your environment is too shady.

Financing for your Solar panel system

KPS Solar offers different financing options, including 12-month same-as-cash payments, on-bill recovery, and more. We highly suggest using on-bill financing so that we can start on your solar equipment installation project.


When fuel prices increase, LIPA's electric rates go up as well. This occurrence will reduce your payback time and affect the value of your solar electric energy.

Reach Out to a Reputable Solar Technology Service

For some of the most outstanding green energy system design and installation solutions on Long Island, New York, feel free to connect with us today. We look forward to working with you on your solar equipment project soon.


A Message from Kevin MacLeod Owner of KPS Solar/Horizons Electric

It’s been 20 years since we installed our first system and over the time, “I have seen it all”.

It’s been challenging and as each and every month passes, it gets even more challenging.

One very good note, the Solar Tax Credit has been increased back to 30% retroactive to January 2022.

Whether its companies that came in and took your money and now are out of business, or the lease scandal of the past eight years that promised to lower your electric bills, I call them the “Carpetbaggers” They had a better idea on how to run the solar industry and now they are gone.

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